ISLAM: Don’t Tarnish All With The Same Brush

This issue is a very complicated one. Ultimately, belief in Allah is akin to belief in the tooth fairy. Science demonstrates the lack of a spiritual realm.

I admire Bill Maher for his crusade of free speech. The more I watch him, the more I develop a more well rounded opinion of his views. There are some aspects of his opinions that I do disagree with. One, so far is his labelling of all Muslims as terrorists. Which is very unfair, indeed.

Now for Islam, the religion of Surrender. Surrendering all rational thought. It is one of the most popular imagineria in the world. It is deeply embedded in culture and tradition. There are 71 denominations of Islam, making it one of the least divided of the world religions. Add on top of that those who use military force to exert power and subjugation on others. Ultimately it is unfair of Bill Maher to label all of Islam based on a small group. I have a fear however, that apologetics will go too far to the point that we can allow Islam to exist. Religion was first established to answer questions like ” why are we here”, What is our purpose in Life”, How did our surroundings come to be”. In an era of Sciencelessness (new word for the Lexicographers), religion provided some convenient answers. With the dawn of the age of enlightenment, convenient lies were replaced with some semblance of reality. Religions are conglomerates of moral stories, rules and traditions, thrown together by humans from their own sense of morality. Religion is Iron Age and Medieval Morality.

Rula is encouraging Islamic Portectionism, siding with the Berkeley Dictators. Islam is NOT immune from criticism. The Qur’ an is the source of morality for ISIS (or DAESH as ISIS apparently despise to be called). It is the root of the problem. You say the Qur’ an is the word of God………………………it is amazing how variously and differently you can interpret it.

Why Complicated? Well humans being the apes that they are, like to fight for resources. The unrest in the Middle East is more than a religious problem.

2 thoughts on “ISLAM: Don’t Tarnish All With The Same Brush

  1. What are you even on about here?……. I doubt Bill Mayers opinion would be regarded with weight, I mean look at him, he is a TV host show? Gets paid by……?

    1. It is important to treat everyone’s opinion equally, TV hosts with exorbitant salarys included. There should be no searching for moral high ground via an opinion acceptance scale.
      Maher’s opinion is quite extreme, too extreme for me. In complexity, there is more to evil in the Middle East, than just Islam.

      I must say you have developed a substantial and impressive blog yourself. Thanks for taking the time to check out mine.

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