Tinder: Judging The People By Their Tinder Photos

This is so sad. Tinder is a very bad way to find a potential partner. There are much better online platforms, to search for that special someone. Tinder defines you by your looks alone. Obese individuals may resort to uploading pictures of themselves when they were thinner, probably because of a lack of self-esteem in their present image or because they feel they live in a culture where obesity is shunned.


In the female disguised video, those males were focused on looks and not personality. This may suggest they were not interested in a long term relationship. They were very prejudicial though, not looking beyond the obesity. The opposite can be inferred from the results of the male disguised video, with very polite females and advancements in potential relationships. So, in these videos we are forgetting what participates are looking for. If you are looking for a long term relationship, I’d argue you are more willing to see passed looks alone. Evolutionarily, women are usually the cautious group, while males tend to jump at the chance. This, however varies from animal group to animal group. And not all males are shallow.


A general assumption among some is an obese person is lazy and cannot think healthy. This may not necessarily be the case. Metabolism needs to be factored in here, so the above will remain an assumption until we see the demographic of slow metabolic individuals in a population.


Now, these videos are not scientifically rigorous enough. Were there other participates in the study? If so, why were they not included in the video. If no, this, in no way represents the results you would achieve if you were to include the rest of the 299,999,992 United States Citizens. Even then, such an experiment would be shot down in a peer-reviewed process, because how men and women behave in Hollywood, may differ from those of New York. So, scientifically it is unscientific. It is merely anecdotal.

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