The Zika Virus Conspiracy Theory Finally Slammed!

Search Zika Virus, you will begin to see posts about GM Mosquitos linked to the virus. Here I want to put together articles on why this will remain nothing more than a conspiracy hypothesis.
Dr. Christie Wilcox had this to say about the conspiracy hypothesis that the Zika Virus outbreak co-incided with the release of the genetically engineered Aedes aegypti in Brazil:
“The mistake was made initially by the Redditor who proposed the conspiracy theory and has been propagated through lazy journalistic practices by every proponent since. Here’s a quick tip: if you’re basing your conspiracy theory on location coincidence, it’s probably a good idea to actually get the location right.”
Wilcox has a PhD in venomology from the University of Hawai at Manoa and has significantly more experience on the subject than any of the journalists touting the conspiracy theory foating out there, which is now devastatingly riding the crest of disease outbreak hysteria.
Check out the complete article below.
Business Insider was the first to report the Virus-GM Mosquito concoction as nothing more than a rumour. They noted that:
“……….the disease has been around longer than the genetically engineered mosquitoes: Zika was originally found in Uganda in 1947. The GM mosquito project started in 2015. Aside from that fact, the outbreak would be spreading regardless of whether or not GM mosquitos were present. “There’s no evidence that genetically modified mosquitos have a role, but we wouldn’t need the [insects] to have an outbreak,” said Dr. Andrew Pavia, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Utah Health Care. And Aedes aegypti are also spreading the disease plenty of areas where the genetically modified mosquitos have not been introduced.”
Arvind Suresh MA shone some much needed light on the company at the heart of the A. aegypti genetic engineering project:
“Oxitec, the company behind the trials, are attempting to reduce the population of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes which are the major vectors for carrying mosquito borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya and Zika by creating genetically engineering sterile males. The trials that have been conducted in the past few years have proved so successful that the city of Piracicaba recently entered into an agreement with Oxitec to expand its efforts and build a larger facility.”
Forbes also weighed in with a comprehensive article on the Zika Virus.
“With the explosive spread of Zika through Latin America, and realization that the virus will spread in the U.S., more attention has been focused on Oxitec mosquitoes. There has been hysteria and misinformation in the press about “mutant” mosquitoes being unleashed causing the end of the world, so I want to counter misconceptions and debunk conspiracy theorists.”

Mosquito Wars Update: Would You Choose GMO ‘Mutants,’ Pesticides Or Dengue And Zika Viruses?

So, for every article that demonstrates the Virus-GM Mosquito link is unsubstantiated, there are 1 billion articles that peddle this trite. As Michael Jackson once cried out:

“Just because you read it in a magazine,

you see it on a TV screen,

it don’t make it factual”

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