City Lit is an adult education college in Covent Garden, central London, offering over 4,000 part-time courses in areas such as languages, visual arts, music, drama, humanities and more, available during the evenings, daytimes or weekends.

In 2011, City Lit was graded “Outstanding” by government inspectors Ofsted, who were particularly impressed by the college’s active promotion of equality and diversity and how the college encourages and acts upon feedback from students. Over 98% of students rate their courses at City Lit as “good” or “excellent” on the college’s award-winning online rate-and-review facility.

What follows are the courses I teach and the time of the year they take place.




Exploring rocks, minerals and fossils

1st of July 2018

In this course, we will be looking at a range of geological specimens from the tutor’s personal collection. You will learn to identify the common transparent minerals such as quartz and calcite, study the variety of volcanoes around the world and identify their lavas and discover the structure and life stories of common fossils.

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The geology beneath British landscapes

22nd of July 2018

The landscape of Britain has a diversity in rock types unmatched in the world. Few truly know about the exciting history of this island. The tectonic activity, the ancient volcanoes, the effects of the Last Ice Age on the landscape and much, much more. This course will focus on providing you with the knowledge you will find useful to look at the British landscape differently. It will be especially useful to those who, love the great outdoors and enjoy wandering through pristine landscapes, like the Lake District and Peak District. The geological history of the island will be told through key sites throughout the UK, that you can visit for yourself. You will be shown how to identify rocks and the equipment you may need to assist you.

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Introduction to geology

18th of November 2018

Geology is a relatively recent science; up to the 1790s, rocks and fossils were explained by the Deluge of Noah. We have come a long way since then, with the theories of plate tectonics explaining the position of the continents, volcanoes and earthquakes, and evolution, the fossil record we see in the rocks. The emplacement of granites and their erosion can give us a grasp of the vast span of geological time, and geologists are the scientists who find most of the world’s natural resources.

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Geology and London

14th of April 2019

London has a remarkable geological history and has much to offer to the geology enthusiast. This course highlights the effect that geology has had on the development of London’s landscape and buildings.

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